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Time to engage in Social Media.

Marketing is one of the most important tasks a small business should undertake, but often it's rushed or put to the bottom of the list of 'things to do'. A smooth, quick marketing strategy is using social media to market your business. More than 90% of marketers use social media in their campaigns. Social media allows businesses to engage in a two-way dialogue with their customers. With the use of social media platforms, companies can target niche markets and reach specific demographics.  S...

June 16, 2019

How a website can boost your credibility

Some industries run on word-of-mouth. You finally make it to that fancy restaurant your friend has been buzzing about. Your heating has broken, so you ask your mum who her plumber is. You choose a beautician because your friend tells you she's amazing. So, if you're in one of those of industries and customers are spreading the word about your business to their friends, then a website is irrelevant...right? Untrue!, Yes, word-of-mouth is the holy grail of marketing. Nielsen's research shows that ...

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