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How a website can boost your credibility

Some industries run on word-of-mouth. You finally make it to that fancy restaurant your friend has been buzzing about. Your heating has broken, so you ask your mum who her plumber is. You choose a beautician because your friend tells you she's amazing. So, if you're in one of those of industries and customers are spreading the word about your business to their friends, then a website is irrelevant...right?

Untrue!, Yes, word-of-mouth is the holy grail of marketing. Nielsen's research shows that 92% of customers trust word-of-mouth above all else, so if you've got a strong reputation, then you're onto a good thing. However, research conducted by online customer service experts, Synthetix, shows that 91% of consumers will check a business's website before calling or emailing. But, what if you didn't have a website? Then the possibility a sale is lost.

A website capitalises on word-of-mouth.

Why does a business that depends on positive word-of-mouth need a website?

It increases trust. Word of mouth certainly helps in the credibility department, but that is not enough. Having a website shows your potential customer/ client that your business is legigimate; it provides them with information about your product or services. It shows you are a business they can trust.

These days, word-of-mouth happens just as much on social media as it does in face-to-face interactions. Facebook users regularly ask their friends for business recommendations. Twitter users tweet about their favourite businesses. That's social media marketing without you even having to spend a cent. However, nobody is going to tweet out your phone number. Having a website gives these enthusiastic customers a way to connect others with you, by merely copy-and-pasting your website address. That puts you just one click away from new customers.
Even in the off-line world, web addresses trump phone numbers just for sheer memorability. Imagine a satisfied customer is taking a road trip with a buddy, gushing about what a fantastic job you did painting their house, on-time and under-budget. How are they going to put them in touch with you? Probably not by dishing out your phone number, right there on the spot. Nobody remembers phone numbers anymore. More often than not, they'll give your web address or tell them to "just google it".
They've heard through the grapevine that you do good work. With a website, you can actually prove it. Including examples of your work or a portfolio will add more weight to the recommendation a prospective customer has been given already. Think of it as a 1-2 punch: (1) a friend gives your business a rave review, and (2) they see your exceptional work online with their own eyes. It's a no brainer right!?
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