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Time to engage in Social Media.

Benefits of social media marketing to your business

Marketing is one of the most important tasks a small business should undertake, but often it's rushed or put to the bottom of the list of 'things to do'. A smooth, quick marketing strategy is using social media to market your business.

More than 90% of marketers use social media in their campaigns.

Social media allows businesses to engage in a two-way dialogue with their customers.

With the use of social media platforms, companies can target niche markets and reach specific demographics. 

Sherpa Marketing found that more people follow brands on social media than following celebrities. On Instagram alone, 80% of people follow at least one business.

There are many benefits that social media brings to building your brand.

1. Increased brand awareness.
With nearly half of the world's population using social media platforms, they're a natural place to attract potential customers.

Do you think people only connect with brands they already know on social media platforms? Well, think again. 60%  of Instagram users say that they discover new products on the platform.

2. Humanise your brand.
More than half of adults do not trust a brand until they see "real-world proof" that a brand is keeping its promises. To connect with customers, you've got to show the human side of your brand. How you are embracing your brand values. How are you looking out for the best interest of your customers? Does your product work? The ability to create a real human connection is one of the key benefits of social media to a business. We call these meaningful relationship moments.

Businesses tend to treat social engagement one of two ways: Soap boxes or dinner parties.
Soapboxes are accounts that make it all about themselves. Businesses will get on top of it, grab their proverbial megaphone and start shouting about their content until they finish and leave. Every once in a while, they'll return and repeat the process much to the chagrin of passersby. 
Instead, we should be treating social media like a dinner party- welcoming people in and encouraging conversation between hosts and guests.

It's easier to use social media as a platform to blast out your content. But if you start using it as an avenue to engage with your customers, you'll be able to leverage any platform to increase leads, brand awareness or customer support. Engagement is a key social media metric you will need to track. I will talk more about this in my next blog.

3. Establish your brand as a thought leader

No matter what industry your business is in, social media offers the opportunity to establish your brand as a thought leader—the go-to source for information on topics related to your niche.

4. Stay top of mind

Most social media users log into their accounts at least once per day, according to recent research, and many people are checking social multiple times per day.
Social media allows you to connect with fans and followers every time they log in. Keep your social posts entertaining and informative, and your followers will be glad to see your new content in their feeds, keeping you top of mind, so you're their first stop when they're ready to make a purchase.

5. Increase website traffic

Social media posts and ads are key ways to drive traffic to your website. Sharing great content from your blog or website to your social channels is a great way to get readers as soon as you publish a new post.

Participating in social chats—on  platforms such as Twitter can also be a great way to increase your visibility, get attention from new people, showcase your expertise, and drive traffic to your website.

Making sure you offer great value in the chat, rather than being too promotional. Just make sure your website address is included in all of your social media profiles so that people who want to learn more about you can do so with one easy click. Even better, use a pinned post to highlight a landing page on your website that's relevant to the chat.

Today, I have touched on a few ways that social media can benefit a business and I know that when running your business there is not enough time in the day to even think about social media marketing. if that is the case, I can help;  I offer a variety of packages for small businesses which include; digital marketing, website design, bookkeeping and administrative support. If you feel you would like  assistance in these areas, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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